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March 7, 2019
Infrastructure Solutions Delivery Manager
April 21, 2019

Reference Number : TXM-561
Job Title : Project Manager
Sector : Construction
Location : Dubai

Reports to Chief Executive Officer
Location: Large Project Sites / Office

Duties and Responsibilities.
• Assumes full responsibility for the management and execution of allocated projects in accordance with the contracts, budget and interests of the company.
• Always keep the Chief Executive officer informed of what is going on the site.
• Reference to main contractor also means the owner or employer in the case of a nominated sub-contract or direct contract.
• Develop good working relationships with the main contractor with a view to developing future business with them.
• Develop and maintain a productive working environment on the site.

• Review project contract prior to signing
• Correspond in writing with the main contractor regarding delays, access issues, late delivery of materials, planning issues, quality problems, etc.
• Use the PE standard procedures to set up, manage and monitor a project documentation control system, which shall include, correspondence, drawing and other transmittals, material submittals, procurement schedules, site instructions, variations, photographs etc to effectively manage a contract.
• Arrange and organise a site camp, cabins, telephones, power, water etc.
• Set up manage and monitor a labour register recording daily labour on the project. Do the same for equipment usage.
• Hold, chair and record regular in-house staff meetings to plan the work and to record changes to procedures and programme.
• Set up daily and weekly reporting systems to the main contractor in accordance with the particular contract requirements.
• Familiarise yourself with the form of contract under which the project is run and be aware of all issues relating to time, cost and quality that can affect PE.

Health and Safety
• Manage the H & S on the project in accordance with PE Health and Safety manual. Keep a register of accidents and near misses. Ensure that all administration related to accidents and health is properly dealt with and the relevant regulatory officials are informed.
• Recommend and provide training for the relevant staff on H & S, and maintain a register of personnel and courses attended.
• Ensure that all labour and staff on the site are aware of the dangers and that they follow the relevant safe practices.
• Ensure all staffs are fully equipped with the correct PPE and that it is used correctly.
• Ensure that at all times that there is a trained first aider on the site
• Keep the first aid box and kit stocked and up to date.
• Obtain from the main contractor the relevant names and personnel on their staff regarding first aid.
• Display a current list of contact names, locations and phone numbers of the nearest clinics, hospitals, fire police and other emergency services. Make sure the relevant staffs are aware of these.
• Report to the HR manager / Chief Executive Officer immediately any accident that results in time off work.

• Make yourself aware of the tender details.
• Prepare a project budget, materials labour sub-contracts and identify the projected profits. Manage the project against this budget.
• Set up a cash flow schedule, income and expenditure. Keep this schedule up to date and submit to the accounts department.
• Manage and keep within the budget preliminaries for the project.
• Achieve or better the profit target for the project.
• Monthly complete the reports for head office reporting using the project management system, including forecast to completion.
• Prepare the monthly valuation for submission to the main contractor. Monitor the approval process and follow up on payment.
• Monitor labour time usage against the budget and take pre-emptive steps to rectify and bring it into budget alignment.
• Check material and sub-contract costs against budget and take pre-emptive steps to bring it into budget alignment.
• Keep the Chief Executive Manager up to date with any changes to reported figures.
• Manage record and prepare variations in accordance with the variations system and issue the appropriate documentation to the main contractor on a timely basis. Monthly record the variations and maintain a variations register identifying approved ones and likely payments.
• Prepare and agree the final account. Follow up the retention payment.

• Set up a procurement schedule based on the tender and identify long lead items.
• Do take offs from the drawings, and prepare the quantities.
• Prepare requisitions for the materials, taking into account what is available from the stores and issue enquiries to sub-contract suppliers.
• Using the inventory management system, prepare LPO’s for approval and issue them after negotiating with supplier for the best terms.
• Manage the procurement process to keep costs within the budgetary allowances, and immediately inform the PM of any losses.
• Ensure that all subcontractors are signed up on a sub-contract arrangement that reflects our contract.
• Manage the sub-contracts to ensure deliverables are on time and to the appropriate standards.
• Ensure that all materials are delivered to site, stored securely and managed using the inventory management system. Stage deliveries to match the construction programme. Unfixed materials to be included in monthly valuations.
• Ensure that the supervisors use the requisition system to remove materials from the site stores.
• Ensure that the site stores are well run and stock levels are managed in accordance with the inventory control system. Return excess stock to the main store in accordance with PE procedures.

Staff and Labour Management
• Maintain good relationships with all labour and staff on the site.
• Maintain discipline among the staff. Make sure all staff knows the rules and regulations of the site.
• Communicate regularly with your staff, listen to their concerns, and assist them in dealing with the main contractor.
• Have regular, weekly meetings with the supervisors on site. Minute the meetings and manage the issues raised.
• Investigate in conjunction with the supervisors ways of improving the productivity on the site.
• Identify high performing staff for further training and promotion.
• Keep staff informed of news from head office.
• Encourage staff and deal with concerns and complaints first, pass only the more difficult ones onto the HR Administrator.
• Monitor sick leave taken by staff and report any malingerers.
• During hot work periods, ensure that there is adequate management at site to prevent heat stroke and stress.

Quality Assurance
• Manage the project in accordance with the PE QA manual taking into account project specific requirements.
• Where the main contractor issues a QA procedure use that for the project, supplemented by the PE system where the contractor’s is silent.
• Prepare a project quality plan, PQP, taking into account the above 2 items.
• Prepare a project inspection and testing plan, PIP.
• Ensure that the installations on site are in accordance with the specifications, drawings and accepted industry best practice.
• Keep a record of al non-conformance reports, manage the close out of these and use them as a learning incident to prevent future issues.
• Ensure that the installation is inspected in accordance with the PQP and PIP.
• Ensure that the installation is accepted and signed off by the relevant groups, DEWA, Consultants, EHS, Contractor, Clients etc

Time Management and Programming
• Prepare a project programme in conjunction with the main contractor, taking into account contractual agreements.
• Liaise and negotiate with the main contractor regarding access and time to complete tasks.
• Prepare man power schedules from the programme. Issue these to the head office labour coordinator.
• Manage and keep up to date the project plan, provide weekly reports to the main contractor. Advise Head Office immediately of any time over runs and threats of penalties.
• Pre-empt bottlenecks, material shortages; labour working hours, holidays etc to ensure project programme is maintained.
• Notify any delays to the main contractor formally in writing.
• Monitor the defects liability period and ensure costs are correctly allocated to the warranty job number.

Technical Issues
• Familiarise yourself with the technical designs for the project. When in doubt consult the designer for clarification.
• Check the designs being produced by PE designers for compliance with specifications and local authority rules and regulations. Check designs against the main contractor architectural and structural drawings for any conflicts or clashes.
• Prepare and issue to the main contractor detailed shop drawings and builders’ work drawing.
• Ensure that all submissions to local authorities for approvals, inspections, connections, sign offs are on time and to the correct standards.
• Ensure that all materials used on the site have been submitted and approved by the main contractor / consultant / owner prior to use.
• Continuously up skill yourself in technical design areas that are not your own field of specialisation.
• Submit draft copy of O & M manual at least one month prior to project hand over to main contractor for approval by the relevant groups in the pre-approved format.
• Ensure all testing and commissioning is carried out strictly in accordance with the project, international and local authority specifications and rules. Where necessary use skilled third party companies to do this work.

AED 30,000 to 35,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.


• Must be a strong character who is confident when negotiating with clients and suppliers.
• Minimum of 4 years of experience within the UAE.
• Candidates should be able to join the company within 4 weeks.Leadership.
• Negotiation
• Scheduling
• Cost Control
• Risk Management
• Contract Management
• Critical Thinking
• Communication

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